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House (hotel), Bila Tserkva , Torhova square, 16



Object: Almost square in the plan of a house with an inner courtyard. Located in the city center. Two-storey building with basement. The first floor of the monument is used under the offices of tenants - commercial structures and organizations of trade unions of the executive committee of the Bila Tserkva City Council and others. The second floor is used for residential apartments. Basements are owned by the private enterprise Vsesvit, which intends to organize a cafe in its own premises. The attic is not used. The first purpose of the building was a Jewish hotel built in the 19th century. Existing state - Emergency (the perimeter of the building was warped. Necessary redesign of windows with staining in dark gray color and drainage pipes. The cornices and curtains around the portal portraits are destroyed. It is necessary to replace the roof of the building. The wooden structural elements of the building are not treated with antiseptic, antifungal and fire retardant solutions. It is not equipped with fire alarm system and fire alarm system. On the facade of the monument there are modern canopies and porches on the entrances to the building, distorting the architectural appearance of the monument).


Object address: 09100, Kyiv region, Bila Tserkva, Torhova square, 16.


Ownership: municipal.



Reconstruction with the purpose of creating a business center, hotel (hostel), catering establishment, cultural object, etc..



Department of Culture and Tourism of Bila Tserkva City Council

09100, Ukraine, Bila Tserkva, Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni street, 36

Tel.: +38 (04563) 5-40-65, 5-87-22, факс: 5-40-65


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